Ordering and Paying

Customization (and exclusion of the right of withdrawal)

Our artworks are not pre-produced, but are made based on the personal choices you specify. You can do this by checking example options OR by emailing us with other wishes.

The sample options are options and prices researched in advance by us. This speeds up the manufacturing process.

Other wishes?

Other wishes than in the sample options? On each artwork page, the Decision aid contains a request form.
Because an artwork has fixed proportions (width-height) and, moreover, materials sometimes require extra cover, we can only work out other wishes after we have examined the possibilities and costs. For example, large formats require extra work to prepare the artwork in high resolution for the desired material. If you have made other wishes known, we will investigate them and inform you about options, prices and delivery information. If you agree, you can order the artwork via the webshop on a specially indicated page.

Because we create a specific, high-resolution delivery file from a digital file of an artwork, in the correct color profiles and delivery specifications for a specific material and production process, your order is customized and the right of withdrawal expires. You do of course have a guarantee on the product quality.

Read more about the right of withdrawal on the General Terms and Conditions page. Read more about warranty on the Usage and warranty page.

Sample options

To order artwork from the sample options, go to the artwork page.

You will see the sample options in the white area. Images are shown as an impression of the materials, quality choices and wooden frames. Note: The images in the preview options are impressions of a small artwork size (no real photos of real artworks). These cannot be seen as representative of your chosen options.

In the white order options area you choose successively:

  1. the material and any quality choices.
  2. the size. The price including VAT is indicated for each size,
  3. an optional hanging system or frame, if this option is displayed (this depends on the choice of material). The price including VAT is indicated for each hanging system.

Decision aid

Below the artwork you will find a “Decision aid” button. With this button, additional information about the above topics becomes visible on the page, including a form you may use for other requests.

Extra information

Above the button “Add to basket” you can also see which options are missing to place the artwork in the basket.

Add to basket

When you have selected all choices, add the artwork to your shopping cart with the “Add to basket” button.

After placing the artwork in the basket, the basket page is displayed. From this page you can place your order and pay.
If you want to order multiple artworks, go to the Gallery page and click on the artwork. This can also be any artwork previously added to the basket. Follow the steps above again.

Placing and Paying Your Order

When you have placed the artworks you want to order in your shopping cart, you can go to the Checkout page with the button “Proceed to Checkout”. The order has not yet been placed and you do not have to pay yet.

On the Checkout page you can place your order as follows:

  1. You fill in your address details
  2. You check your order
  3. You choose your payment method. The options are:
    • iDeal. You can then select your bank, log in and then confirm the payment in the bank’s secure environment.
    • Other payment preferences? Please contact us.
  4. You agree to the Terms and Conditions
  5. Press the “Place order” button. Note: You hereby indicate that you agree with the General Terms and Conditions and that it concerns an order with payment obligation.
    After ordering, the artwork will be manufactured according to choices you have indicated.
  6. If you have other wishes, let us know!


    After you have placed an order, the purchase is final. We will start preparing your artwork according to the choices you have made in the order. Immediately after the order, we will send you a confirmation email of your order, containing the order details, payment and shipping details and the VAT amount.