Amsterdam on Canvas delivers artworks on materials of your choice. We’ve selected materials that express the artworks best in colors, shapes, and experience. On each artwork page you can select on which material the artwork should be delivered on. Each specific material has choices of it’s own, including size. Each artwork is therefore tailor-made.

Read more about specific materials below.


Canvas creates the feel of a real painting on the wall. Due to the structure of the material and the mounting on a wooden frame.

Canvas is high quality linen cloth with a satin gloss, meant to use inside. The print quality is high resolution fine-art with great colors and contrast.

The linen cloth will be stretched on a wooden frame with 2cm thickness on the side. Frames of 90cm or more are 4cm thick. The artwork will also be printed on the sides (not visible on the image of the artwork).

You can choose from the following hanging options: the Toothed hanger or the “Flat on the wall” hanger, which consists of a set of two pieces. The Toothed hanger is easy to assemble with two screws. Frames of 90cm or more need the option “Flat on the wall” because of the two hangers.

Plexiglas white

Plexiglass white provides an artwork with subtle depth effects and gloss and thus gives the artwork an extra dimension.

Plexiglas white enhances the colors, depth and details of the artwork. It feels as if the artwork is behind glass, which gives a luxurious effect. The plexiglass is strong, 6mm thick, will be printed directly and provided with a white backing. The white finish ensures a true-to-life, non-transparent reproduction of light colors.

You can choose from the following hanging options:
– The blind mount is not visible and the artwork ‘floats’ 10mm from the wall. It includes two mounts.
– The Profile strip is a premounted set of two pieces, creating a wall distance of 10mm. Only suitable for widths of more than 50cm.
– The Distance keeper clamps the plexiglas at the edges (not using holes). It includes 4 holders, screws and plugs, and creates a wall distance of 15mm.

Acoustic panel

The acoustic panel is from the AcousticPro brand and is intended for a quieter environment with the appearance of an artwork.

The printed fabric is glued with an acoustic material, which consists of 90% cotton fibers from recycled jeans. This ensures pleasant acoustics.

There are two different sound absorption qualities: Basic and Premium.
Basic has an α value of 0.65 and Premium of 0.9. Premium has an extra layer of acoustic material and a thicker frame. The panel has an anodized, long-lasting aluminum frame, powder coated in white or black. The Premium panel will be supplied with a flat suspension profile as standard.

If you opt for Basic, you have the option of attaching the acoustic panel to the wall yourself with screws, or ordering the Z-profile hanging option.

Fine Art Print on Hahnemühle paper

The Fine Art Print is certified Hahnemühle paper, which provides impressive contrasts and depth in colors. You can choose between two white papers: a matte look or a soft pearl (satin) gloss. The artwork will have a white border as standard, but you can also choose without.

Each artwork on Fine Art Paper is provided with the Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate is provided with a numbered hologram with information about the artwork. This guarantees the authenticity of the artwork.

You can frame an artwork on Fine Art Paper yourself or choose an option with a frame. The artwork will then not have a white border. The wooden frames are handmade. The artwork will be mounted on 1 mm thick aluminum for a sleek display and mounted ‘floating’ slightly recessed in the wooden frame with a small space around.

The frames are available in the colors black, blackbrown (dark brown), mansonia, blank and white. The beautiful wood grain is visible in all colors.

Your choice of material not in the list?

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