Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

If you have a complaint about our service, that is obviously annoying for you and for us. We would appreciate it if you would like to submit your complaint to us so that we can find a solution. Preferably by telephone (+31 6 2410 1759 during office hours), but if that does not suit you, you can of course also send it via the following complaint form, by email (to: ‘customer service’ with behind it ‘@’ ) or by post:

Amsterdam on Canvas
Tussen de Bogen 23
1013 JB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Complaint form


After receiving your complaint you will receive a confirmation from us. We will review the complaint and try to solve it to everyone’s satisfaction. We will respond to your complaint within 14 days of receipt, if it needs more time, we will notify you.

Trustmark and Geschillencommissie

If you do not appreciate this, you can always contact the mediation department of Stichting Webshop Keurmerk to which Amsterdam on Canvas is affiliated. Should the mediation attempt not lead to a satisfactory solution for any reason, then there is the possibility to submit your dispute to the Geschillencommissie Webshop (SGC).