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Select 'Including' to receive the attachment system, and to hang the panel 2cm from the wall (for absorption value of 0.65).
Select 'Excluding' if you hang the panel with own materials.
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Abstract artwork depicting the colourful shapes of Amsterdam

Artworks are available on two quality variations:

Basic Quality, with an absorption value of 0.65 (ISO 11654) when attached with the Z-profile and spaceholders. This attachment creates an air cavity of 2cm, so that certain sound waves are damped more and this results in a higher absorption value. High frequencies are more easily reduced, low tones harder. The speech range is approximately between 500 and 1000 Hz (blue area in the graph below). The frame thickness is 3cm. Together with the cavity, the front of the panel, on which the artwork is printed, is 5cm from the wall.

We offer the possibility to leave out the Z-profile and distance keepers, so that you can attach the Basic panel directly to the wall. The front of the panel is in that case 3cm from the wall. This reduces the price a little, since the attachment materials are left out. The absorption value will also be lower (we have no measurement of the value with this attachment). For an illustration of the two attachments, see the section about Attachement below.

Premium Quality, with an absorption value of 0.9. This frame is thicker (4,2cm) than the Basic quality, with an extra layer of acoustic material. This provides more sound reduction than the Basic quality panel. The Premium panel is attached directly to the wall, the front of the panel is 4,2cm from the wall.

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Reduces reverb in your room with beautiful art

Both Basic and Premium Quality aluminum frames are powder coated and have a wear resistant layer. They are available in black and white. The acoustic material filling is made from recycled jeans and complies with fire class B / S1 / D0. The non-woven top layer lets sound in and is is fire retardant.

The artwork will be delivered with the frame assembled.

Our artwork images are created with the purpose of keeping visual quality at any size. Even at extremely large sizes, the lines, shapes and colours of the image remain of a high visual quality.

Acoustic panel frames can be produced with a maximum of 230cm for the longest side and 160cm for shortest side. It is however possible to create a visual image of our artworks that is divided over multiple frames, either next to each other or with deliberate space. We can create a visual impression if you're interested in large sizes (see the impressions below in the section about extra large sizes).

Some of our artworks are photographic and do have a maximum size to prevent loosing quality. For these artworks the maximum size is set to a size where visual quality is still intact. Width and height calculation takes care of not exceeding these values automatically.

The artworks have a fixed ratio between width and height. For instance, square artworks are 1:1 and landscape are 4:3 or 3:2. Don't worry, width and height are calculated based on your input. If you fill in your preferred width, the height will be calculated subsequently, vice versa. Minimum and maximum values are corrected automatically.

We deliver Basic Quality panels with the attachement that optimizes reverb reduction to the absorption value of 0.65. With the Basic panel you receive one or more Z-profiles, depending on the size of the panel (automatically calculated). Also included are the space holders to ensure a cavity of 2cm between the wall and the panel.

With the Z-profile and space holders, you can attach the Basic panel to the wall the way this panel is designed to function (2cm from the wall).
However, if you rather hang the panel directly to the wall and leave the attachment system out, you can select that option. The attachement system will in that case not be delivered with the panel (also no screws), and costs for the attachment system is deducted from the price. The absorption value will be lower. See the illustration below of both options.

Unieke Artworks op Akoestische panelen - Reduceert galm met prachtige kunstUnieke Artworks op Akoestische panelen - Reduceert galm met prachtige kunst

Premium Quality panels are delivered including a flat suspension system (see photo below). This is a different suspension system than the Z-profile that comes standard with the basic panel, because the premium panel has no space between the frame and the wall.

Unieke Artworks op Akoestische panelen - Reduceert galm met prachtige kunstSuspension for Premium panel

The space that the Premium Quality panels have, is filled with acoustic materials for extra reverb reduction, to reach the optimal absorption value of 0.9.

Larger sizes are possible with multiple frames. Most of our artworks are created to expand to very large sizes without losing visual quality.

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Basic or Premium quality

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Basic or Premium quality

We can create large artworks and place the artworks over multiple acoustic panels, either directly next to each other or with space inbetween.

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Basic or Premium quality

We think creatively and can make compositions of one or more artworks and place them in a photo of your space.

Let us know which artworks you're interested in and what sizes or surface, and we'll create a concept layout and a calculate the price for that configuration. Send us a photo of your space, and we can place these concepts in the photo. An artist impression can help choosing the right colours, image orientation and placement for sound absorption. You may also visit Station West Amsterdam to view artworks (by appointment).

Do you like this artwork but rather have it on a different material? Let us know and we can lay out the possibilities for you.

The images below show impressions of the artwork 'Glowing Lines' on Fine Art Print, Plexiglas and Cotton Canvas.

Unique Artwork on Fine Art Print

Unique Artwork on Fine Art Print

Unique Artwork on Fine Art Print

Unique Artwork on Fine Art Print

Unique Artwork on Cotton Canvas

Unique Artwork on Plexiglas

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Basic or Premium quality Black

Unique Artwork on Acoustic Panel - Basic or Premium quality White

Describe your material of choice and we'll get back to you with possibilities:

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