About our Artworks

About our Artworks

Unique illustrations of Contemporary Amsterdam

Amsterdam on Canvas portrays Amsterdam of today in a free, positive style. We make the artworks available on high quality canvas in a standard size, but if you have special requests about material, sizes, amounts or delivery countries, please contact us and we’ll sort out the possibilities!

High Quality Canvas

Our artworks are exclusively created for Amsterdam on Canvas. They are high quality printed on real cotton cloth canvas in silk gloss finish. The artworks are stretched by hand on a wooden frame of 2 cm thickness. The cotton cloth canvas is with its fine structure optimally suited for these colourful artworks.

The size of each artwork is displayed with a symbol:   for 20×20 cm and    for 40×40 cm. Note: The preview-images of the 20×20 on this website are proportionally larger than the 40×40 ones, to support better viewing.

Limited Edition

Each artwork has a limited edition and available when present in the gallery. The number of editions is related to the artwork size: the 40×40 cm artworks have a circulation of 20 editions and the 20×20 cm artworks have a circulation of 100 editions.

Preview images and real artwork

Artworks are displayed on this website by means of a preview image. These always differ somewhat from the real, delivered artwork, which is made individually after ordering. Below left you see the preview of the artwork Coming Home, as shown on artworks on this website. On the right a photo of the actual artwork. The colours of artworks that you see on this website are partly determined by the device you use (computer, iPad, mobile phone, etc.). The colours of the actual artwork can therefore differ from the image you see with your browser.

Front, sides, and hanging up

The canvas is stretched by hand on a wooden frame. The visible part on the front side can, because each artwork is made individually, differ slightly from the preview image on this website. The artwork runs through on the sides of the frame (not shown in the previews, see below for an example) and therefore does not need a frame. Stretching the canvas on the frame is done by hand and can differ somewhat for each individual artwork.

We deliver the artwork standard including hanging system, shown below. It can therefore easily be hung to the wall.

Signature, edition, and brand label

The real artwork shows the signature of Dutch Waterworks on the front, and the edition number and the ‘Amsterdam on Canvas’ label on the bottom side.

Note: The preview images on this website contain an almost invisible watermark to make copying difficult. This is a vague text through the image. Of course, the real artwork does not contain this watermark.

Special requests?

If you have special requests, for instance material, custom sizes, higher amounts or delivery countries outside the Netherlands, please contact us and we’ll sort out the possibilities!